BANGKOK PROTEST : People from Koh Lanta Island (near Krabi town and Phi Phi islands) are heading to Bangkok just now.

People from Koh Lanta Island (near Krabi town and Phi Phi islands) are heading to Bangkok just now. They left this morning at 9 am in a rented minivan and are now in Chumpon ! They say there is an amazing spirit on the roads and people from all over Thailand are going to BKK (Satun for example). There is free food and free water all along the roads and the spirit is high and the traffic jams have already started !


 More and more protesters in Bangkok join the main line when it passes by their respective vantage points, while several supporters choose to greet the main line while standing in place. Sunday’s great rally will include new elements like those saluting the flag in front of their residences. We look forward to seeing you – main liners, sideliners, those waiting at our satellite stages or in front of your homes and provincial city centers, etc. – tomorrow.
Bangkok protest is growing at this moment. As it moves through Bangkok toward Democracy Monument, it grows. Many thousands, but I am noticing something I never saw in the news, and you must be here to witness in person. There may actually be hundreds of thousands. What is happening is that a core group of many thousands are marching through, and then large numbers join for a short distance but stay in their areas of town. Any estimate likely will only include the core. They should be tired now but appear only to be warming up. Their feet must hurt. Nobody drinking alcohol. Feels very safe. Not many police and police relations good. No army. No helicopters. No dramas. Whistles very loud.
Rajdamnoen moderator Anchalee Paireerak (17.15): Here’s the breakdown of tomorrow’s procession to Yingluck’s residence. At the forefront will be a 50-motorcycle fleet, followed by tractors to remove possible barriers, ambulances and medical volunteers, then the first rally truck with loud speakers transporting rally leaders Anchalee Paireerak and Dr. Seri Wongmonta. After that will be the transgender protesters in full costume followed by female protesters in 60 large buses. The last loudspeaker truck with Taya Teepsuwan will round up the line along with trucks containing teargas protection gear. For those interested in joining us, please arrive Rajdamnoen before 9 am.

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