Suthep Thaugsuban (22:08): The donated monies from today should come to about 7 million baht. VIDEO

Suthep Thaugsuban (22:08): The donated monies from today should come to about 7 million baht. Protest leader Nathapol Theepsuwan joked that we should go marching everyday. If we do that, we would probably have sufficient financing to fight Yingluck and the Thaksin regime for years!

As I’ve said time and time again, I’ll stand with all of you to see this through until the end. I bow down to all of you who came out in force on every street we passed, especially Silom and Yaowaraj today.

I met professionals and workers from all walks today. Staff in restaurants, hotels, companies, those who migrated to Bangkok for work, they all came out today and donated money to our cause. I’m confident their relatives outside of Bangkok will listen to their story and join us.

Judging from the supporters from all the restaurants and eateries on our route these past two days, I doubt Yingluck can dine out in Bangkok anymore.

There will be no negotiating with the Thaksin regime. If you refuse to step down, Yingluck, do you think you’ll be able to continue on?

Yingluck, your own continued refusal to delay the elections is your own business. The Election Commission advised before that elections should be delayed. But Yingluck, if you want to walk down this path to your own destruction, the Thai people are happy to show you the way – in a peaceful, non-violent way of course.


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