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People’s Democratic Reform Committee – PDRC-UPDATE NEWS 18.DEC.ENGLISH

December 18, 2013

PDRC will NOT be heading to any embassies. As posted on PDRC on 15.12.2013, “PDRC leaders will not be headed to any embassies. The PDRC is non-violence and unarmed movement and will act only in a peaceful manner” 

PDRC has in fact invited representatives from embassies, consulates and military attache offices to a briefing and discussion on PDRC’s operational plan the Wednesday, 18 Dec. 2013, at 17:00 hours. The venue will be the marquee behind the Democracy Monument stage, Rajdamnoen Avenue, Bangkok. Please help us share this post to avoid further misunderstanding. Thank you for your kind support.

ตัวแทนทูตประเทศต่างๆ ทยอยเดินทางมาเวทีราชดำเนิน เพื่อสังเกตการณ์การชุมนุมของ กปปส




Protest leader Tavorn Seniam currently at Royal Thai Police headquarters demanding answers on the shootings at Ramkhamhaeng University. When will justice be brought to the murderer of 21-year old Taveesakdi Pokaew?
กลุ่มกปปส. นำโดย นายถาวร เสนเนียม และนายอิสสระ สมชัย นำมวลชนมายังสำนักงานตำรรวจแห่งชาติ (สตช.) เพื่อทวงถามความคืบหน้าคดียิงนักศึกษามหาวิทยาลัยรามคำแหง
“What we are doing now is to release Thailand from Taksin’s tyrant regime–the regime that is corrupted and in no way democratic in any sense.”- Dr. Seri Wongmontha, media expert and PDRC rally leader
There are many reasons why we have to protest and ask that Yingluk and her cabinet resign from being care taking government.Yingluk’ cabinet runs the country under Taksin’ commands and controls. Taksin is a fugitive in exile. He is corrupted. He is a dictator. He spent a fortune of his money to buy off many MP’s. He refuses the authority of court of justice and Constitution court. He is a cause of all the political turmoil that we are now facing.

The list of destructive and unlawful acts of Yingluk’s government and the MP’s. on the government are as follows:

The rice scheme is corrupted and has lost more than 40 billions baht

The flood management scheme is corrupted and not accepted by the people in many communities.

They attempted to issue amnesty decree that encompasses all corrupted politicians, terrorists, arsonists, thieves, and murderers. The process of issuing this particular decree violated the constitution of Thailand.

They tried to amend the constitution that would destroy the balance and control measures of democracy. The Constitutional Court has a verdict that what they did violated the constitution both in term of content and process, but they refused the verdict, which makes them become rebellion.

As Taksin has bought off a majority of MP’s, he can practice dictatorship through MP’ s voting behavior. Taksin’ puppet government is big enough to take everything he wants from the country. It can be corrupted, and the opposition party can not exercise any democratic mechanism to stop this tyrant situation.

Thai people who want to uphold justice, democracy, and the constitution can no longer tolerate this phenomenon, and they are willing to join the protest led by Khun Sutep. There have been quite a few millions of people who joined the rallies on the 24th of November and the 9th of December. Yingluk decided to dissolve the House of Representatives, and announced that there would be an election on the 2nd of Feb., hoping that the protest would be dissolved and all the protesters would terminate their protesting activities. But that is not the case, because the House of Representatives being dissolved is not the ultimate goal of the protest.

What the protesters want is to reform the political process and procedure to achieve a genuine democracy–a democracy by the people and for the people. The protesters demand that the reform take place before we hold another election. Without an intensive political reform prior to another election, Thailand will be back into the same situation as we are now.

We are not opposing an election, but we want an intensive political reform before an election. This demand is possible, if Yingluk and her cabinet resign from being care taking government. The Constitution has Article 3 and Article 7 that prescribe a procedure that Thailand can have constitutional interim government and people assembly to reform Thailand’s politics, so that we can have a fair and transparent election.

What we are doing now is to release Thailand from Taksin’s tyrant regime–the regime that is corrupted and in no way democratic in any sense.

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