General Prayuth: Soldiers are still soldiers of the Nation, Religion, the King and the people and still respect the opinions of all the people-RED SHIRT VS ARMY

ผู้นำเหล่าทัพ นายพลนายพันทั้งหลายท่านรู้สึกเช่นไรครับ


The army cannot remain aloof of politics because soldiers whose main job is to handle national security have another duty like the other Thai citizens, said Army Commander-in-Chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha in a statement released Monday by the army spokesman.

The statement is apparently meant to make clear the army’s standpoint in light of the current political conflict and in response to widespread criticism against the army’s aloofness from the conflict.

The conflict is unprecedented and the saying that the army should not get involved in politics cannot be applied fully because soldiers, besides their duty to look after national security have another duty too which is the duty of Thai citizens, said the army chief.

In light of the ongoing conflict, he said that the army was focused on how to prevent the conflict from spiralling out of control into a civil war.  He urged the opposing parties in the conflict to try all means to resolve their differences in a peaceful manner so that the state mechanism can function as normal.

“The principle is that all sides must be satisfied with and accept the existing rules and laws; must not breach them or  trade accusations at one another to the point that a settlement is impossible because all the systems and rules are destroyed which will put the country at great risk,” said the general in his statement.

Despite all the criticisms or the suggestions, he affirmed that the army would exercise extreme restraint, adding that the army would  stick to the rules and the laws.


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