THAILAND : Thavorn Sen-niem : we will be in Govt House until 2.00 pm. and go back to Ratchadamnoen avenue

CREDIT apiraksupporters
CREDIT apiraksupporters

Anti-government leaders are now entering Government House.

credit Thai PBS
credit Thai PBS
Police to open way for Chumpol Julsai and 50 protesters to enter Metropolitan police bureau.
Thavorn Sen-niem : we will be in Govt House until 2.00 pm. and go back to Ratchadamnoen avenue
Protesters have left Government House, heading back to Ratchadamnoen avenue.
CREDIT   @subongkoch
CREDIT @subongkoch
peid rath  หนึ่งคณะที่เป็นกำลังร่วม ขอบคุณเป็นอย่างยิ่ง
peid rath หนึ่งคณะที่เป็นกำลังร่วม
A student who was critically injured by gunfire during the clashes between Ramkhamhaeng university students and red-shirt supporters died yesterday.

Thanasit Wiangkam, 22, was admitted to Phra Mongkutklao Hospital after he was shot on the head during the clashes Saturday night and Sunday morning at Ramkhamhaeng.

Phra Mongkutklao doctor Col Peerapog Pokpong said Thanasit died yesterday morning. He was in the brain-death state when he was admitted to the hospital.

Thanasit’s death raised total death toll from the violence at Ramkhamhaeng to four.

Meanwhile the skeleton found at the burnt-out bus at Ramkhamhaeng was initially suspected to be human bone as an iPhone and belt buckle were found at the side the bones.

A woman has claimed the skeleton to be her 17-year-old son, however the police needed to investigate more if it was a false claim or not.


Ramathibodi Hospital issued a statement last night saying two anti-government demonstrators were injured, one in critical condition, from live bullets fired at the demonstrators.
@Woraphan_: ปลอกกระสุน9ปลอกริมกำแพงหลังราม ตร.คาดวิถีกระสุนหน้าจะยิงจากนอกรั้วเข้ามาในรามเพราะกำแพงด้านนอกต่ำกว่า
@Woraphan_: ปลอกกระสุน9ปลอกริมกำแพงหลังราม ตร.คาดวิถีกระสุนหน้าจะยิงจากนอกรั้วเข้ามาในรามเพราะกำแพงด้านนอกต่ำกว่า

The statement said the two victims were shot by 9 m.m. caliber pistols . One was hit in the spine and now in critical condition. However it did not give details where the bullets were shot from.

But Public Health Minister Dr Pradit Sinthavanarong disclosed yesterday that two demonstrators and a reporter were shot with live bullets. Two of them were admitted to Ramathibodi hospital for treatment, one in critical condition.

He said that another injured was a Daily News reporter who was slightly injured  when a bullet narrowly missed his ear. He has now returned home, the minister said.

A total of 94 people were injured in yesterday clashes with the police, most of them were from tear gas, he said and insisted that the government has no policy to use live ammunition with the demonstrators.

He assured that the live bullets were not fired from the police defending Government office.


Anti-Thaksin regime leader Suthep Thuagsuban gave Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra two days to return power to the people.

He also called on government officials, private sectors, the military staff to stop work and stop serving theThaksin regime tomorrow as the government has now lost its legitimacy to rule the country.

The ultimatum was revealed by the protest leader and televised live on state-run TV stations at 10.10 p.m.

Suthep claimed in the live TV broadcast that he met the prime minister at the presence of the commanders-in-chief of the three armed forces.

He told her before the three top brass of the armed forces of the need for the mass demonstration to uproot  the Thaksin regime because of the tremendous damages it had done to the country.

The damages and the widespread corruption the regime had done to the country as well as her government’ s rejection of the legitimacy of the Constitutional Court’s ruling  has enraged the people to the extent that they could not longer put up with the regime any longer, he said.

He then told the prime minister that dissolution of parliament  and her resignation paving the way for new election could not resolve the underlying deep-rooted problem as bad politicians under the Thaksin regime could return again.

He said the problem could be resolved only when she returned the power to the people to form the people council and appoint a people government to rule the country under the true constitutional democracy.

He told the prime minister she would be gentlemanly-treated if she returned the power to the people, adding he also would be ready to face trial for leading this reform when it was finished.

He told the prime minister and the top brass the reason why he had to lead demonstrators to besiege the National Police Office, the Metropolitan Police Headquarters because he did not want the police to come out to harm the demonstrators.

The protest leader also revealed that at the meeting the military top brass have shown their stance to be on the side of the people.

The army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha  even said during the meeting that he did not want to see more people get  killed and injured because the armed forces were with the country and with the people.

Suthep said he told the three commanders-in-chief that he had the strong determination in leading the reform for the nation and its young generations.


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