MYANMAR BURMA : Nationalities Brotherhood Federation (NBF) to submit draft constitution to parliament

Nationalities Brotherhood Federation (NBF) has finished writing a draft constitution and will submit it to the Parliament’s constitutional review committee at the upcoming ninth Parliamentary session, says the NBF director.

UNFC and NBF leaders holding a meeting in Yangon on November 25 (Photo- EMG)
UNFC and NBF leaders holding a meeting in Yangon on November 25 (Photo- EMG)

EMG The draft constitution will also be submitted during next meetings and a Panglong-like conference that the government has promise to hold before 2015.

NBF Director Chin Chin said the draft is rooted in fundamental points such as ethnic affairs, national cause, autonomy and the establishment of a federal union.

“All are included such as executive, political, education and economic sectors and the rights of ethnic groups,” she said.

She added that the draft constitution was also based on seven states and seven regions as stated under the current system. The designation of only a “Bamar” state is not appropriate as the regions have ethnic minorities, she commented.

According to NBF’s spokesperson Zo Zan, its constitution is just a renewal of the 2008 Constitution, not a rewritten one.  He said the NBF would keep its draft constitution as a manual.

The NBF is formed with 15 ethnic parties.

United Nationalities Alliance and United Nationalities Federation Council are also working together to write another draft constitution and it is expected to be completed  before the end of this year.

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