MYANMAR BURMA : Human trafficking mainly occurring in China and Thailand


NAY PYI TAW—Human traffickers working out of Myanmar who have mainly used China and Thailand to send their victims are now increasingly using Malaysia and Indonesia, according to the Anti-Human Trafficking Police Force.

The majority of Myanmar women trafficked into China are subjected to forced marriage. Those going to Thailand are forced into prostitution.

“The greater number of Myanmar women are being trafficked into China and Thailand. But more recently, trafficking has spread to

Malaysia and Indonesia. Migrant workers are trafficked as they move from one place to another. In Indonesia, Myanmar people are being forced to work on fishing boats,” said Deputy Police Col. Khin Maung Hla of the AHTPF.

Some are being trafficked to work on Indonesian boats while others are forced to work on Thai fishing boats entering Indonesian waters, according to anti-trafficking social organizations.

Myanmar is cooperating with countries in the Mekong Region, as well as countries in the Asia-pacific Regions including ten ASEAN countries, on the issue of trans-boundary human trafficking. The assistance, cooperation and protection provided by the government for the trafficked victims is very meager, according to social organizations.

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