THAILAND : PRESS -Business Club for Democracy (BCD) “To the People of the United States”


ยื่นหนังสือ ณ สถานทูตสหรัฐอเมริกาวันนี้ครับ Nov 29th, 2013 To the People of the United States, We, the Business Club for Democracy (BCD), as organisers of this rally, would like to bring to your attention the events that have taken place in Thailand over the past month. The Thai people have come out in force to vent their frustration and displeasure at the increasingly undemocratic behavior of the Yingluck Administration. Thailand witnessed a series of peaceful demonstrations, with up to a million people participating at times. This has been by far the largest in Thailand’s history and the Civil Movement for Democracy’s popular support goes far beyond the color-based protests in the past.

The historic turnout of people from all segments of society reflects the broad-based character of their protests. This is the culmination of a series of action taken by the Yingluck Administration. Whilst we can tolerate poor public policies and management, and even weakening governance, the recent actions of the Yingluck government has crossed the line into extreme majoritarianism, and has crossed the line of propriety. Specifically, the government attempted to force through a blanket Amnesty Act, which would exonerate former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra of his conviction for corruption. This would lead to the return of more than Baht 46 billion in assets confiscated by the State, including close to Baht 1 billion that would need to be returned to Yingluck herself. Moreover, the Act also sought to exonerate violators of human rights during the violent protests that took place in 2009-2010. In addition, the Puethai Party’s subsequent open declaration renouncing a Constitutional Court’s verdict on a controversial Constitutional Amendment brings into question the government’s legitimacy as an institution bound by the rule of law.

This has directly caused an overwhelming reaction across Thai society, as witnessed over the past three weeks. Public sentiment, expressed through peaceful demonstrations as well as various acts of civil disobedience, reflect a growing populace on the brink of losing faith in the country’s government, as well as in its institutions. The Yingluck Government’s continued refusal to express regret, or show any responsibility for its actions is increasingly seen as abusing its powers and a reflection of its increasing hubris.

This is widely felt as instilling a culture of impunity for corruption as well as for authoritarianism. We feel it is the duty of all Thai citizens to stand up and voice its objections to the government, and, more specifically, to Thaksin authoritarianism that has plagued Thailand for the past several years. As our close friend and ally, we understand the concern of the United States as evident in the US Department of State’s Statement on Nov 25th.

As your friend and close ally, we feel the government bears responsibility for its actions that continues to cause conflict and divisiveness in Thai Society. Before the situation deteriorates further beyond salvage, we call on the Yingluck Government to exercise its constitutional duties in taking responsibility for their actions which has resulted in widespread conflict in society, and resign from office, or return power back to the people of Thailand through dissolution of parliament.

13.35 US Embassy


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