MYANMAR BURMA : Tourists asked to respect rules when visiting heritage sites



BAGAN – Increasing numbers of tourists visiting historical sites around Bagan have led to worries that some visitors may be breaking rules.

Some travellers have been suspected of sleeping in ruins of ancient pagodas to watch the sunrise in the vast Bagan archaeological zone.

“Some pagodas like Pyathagyi and Shwesandaw have 24 hour security. Sleeping on the pagodas is impossible. But the areas of ancient cultural heritage zone are vast and the tourists are many. Tourists have to abide by the rules,” said Khine Win, captain of the tourism security police.

Bagan is renowned for its beautiful sunsets and sunrises so some travellers arrive as early as 4 am or attempt to stay late over night. Such travellers are prone to accidents according to some guides and locals.

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