BOOK YOU SHOULD READ !: Heroes Moulded in Glass

This book is a debut novel by Kiran Arvind which will leave you wondering at the moot point-how many people have a martyr’s life touched at their core.


Kiran Arvind is essentially a housewife-married to an Army Officer. In other words she is an Army Wife -so different than her sisters in civilian life-aware of her duties as they unfold in the Unit her husband is posted in ,and totally conscious of her loyalty to the Army which slowly becomes part of her life!
This book Heroes Moulded in Glass is the result of close observation of Army life,its problem areas and its strong and weak moments. She hs endorsed a story which is different to the life her husband leads as a doctor , her chosen hero is Sid Choudhary , a youngster who opts for an adventurous life in the infantry-13 JAKRIF to be precise!It is amazing that Kiran ,who never went to the National Defence Academy or the Indian Military Academy describes so meticulously the life of a trainee cadet at the NDA and a Gentleman Cadet at the IMA ,and the subsequent events as Lieutenant Sidharth Choudhary joins his Unit and is swallowed up in the traditions of his battalion.He then does a great job wherever he is sent and enhances his career.
True ,she has the basic knowledge of a female mind as it affects the lives of Sid and Nilesh.It is however classically different when she describes the attitude and thought process behind the mothers of an army officer and that of a girl wedded to one!Similarly she is in consonance with the nuances of a General and a senior Colonel, who leave a lot of decisions for execution by their spouses!
The invitation to tea at the General’s house is one such scenario where the parents of Kashish act so sensibily and like a dutiful father the General does his homework by checking out young Sid’s credentials!She has also meticulously described Sid’s attack on the enemy ,his trauma after being accosted with the mine blast and his subsequent hospitalisation.He is awarded the MVC, which turns him into a hero.But .in a subsequent scenario, our Hero is accosted by a young Kashmiri boy ,who under intense pressure throws a grenade into Major Sidharth’s jeep killing him instantly!
Our hero moulded in glass is dead- ! The boy’s mother aggrieved by the kidnapping of her son, tries to make peace with the hero’s mother and the mothers embrace each other!

It is a poignant story which can leave the reader in tears!
So the natural thought which emerges is -Heroes are moulded in glass!-we expect too much of them and they shatter into pieces which can never be put together!

This book is a debut novel by Kiran Arvind kumar, a book which will leave you wondering at the moot point-how many people has a martyr’s life touched at their core!

A book which will make you sync with the life in the Army and leave you wondering-what is the significance of the three imponderables-NAAM -NAMAK and NISHAN; and what a soldier does,why he does and how he does-what he has to do!

AMUST read for all Citizens of BHARAT-young and old!

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