Myanmar: Explanation of Position after the adoption ” Situation of the human rights in Myanmar”

Human Rights commission
Government not accept to call Rohingya .
Government permit to follow 1982 citizen law in Burma . 
( Because Burma exit between largest country )
Don’t press by with out Law .
This is immigration problem .
Every country respect their own law . 
Bengali people still reject UN , Human rights, Immigration 
check list of population project .

Explanation of Position after the adoption
By H.E. U Kyaw Tin,
Permanent Representative of
the Republic of the Union of Myanmar


My delegation however has to to reiterate its long standing position against the use of

the word, “Rohingya minority” in the text. Its inclusion should not be implied to our

recognition of such characterization which has never been included among over 100

national races of Myanmar. Regardless of this, the rights to citizenship or any other

demands such as the rights to land ownership, or movements or access will be considered in

accordance with the laws of Myarrmar and the prevailing security conditions.