MYANMAR : On November 16 government troops launched attacks against Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA)



phophtawnews – On November 16, from 6:30am to 7:30am, government troops launched attacks against Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) troops stationed between Manmauk and Tan-tay village of Manton Township in Shan State. This is a part of a series of attacks on the ethnic armed groups from the government despite talks of ceasefire.

According to a TNLA front line military officer, “two government forces soldiers were rumored to be killed and one injured from this attack. The government has opened fire on us for 3 days straight, and we have been fighting back ever since. Government troops have also launched attacks against our troops based in Namhsan Township and Mantong Township.”

The TNLA troops were prepared for the attack and launched an effective defensive attack against the government troops.  The TNLA troops suffered no casualties.

On November 13at 3pm, the government troops launched heavy-fire against TNLA troops at Tar Laet and Kalandang village in Namhsan Township. The fighting lasted 40 minutes before the government troops stopped due to defensive attacks by the TNLA forces.

According to the TNLA front line military officer, the next day on November 14at 3pm, the same government troops attacked TNLA troops again. This time the battle took place between Tar Laet and Hola Villiage in Namhsan Township. The government launched heavy fire for 30 minutes and TNLA troops retreated from their camp located between Manmauk and Tan-tay village.

Union-level Peace Work Committee (UPWC), a governmental agency, had offered TNLA a ceasefire agreement on July 31. On November 5, a draft for a nationwide ceasefire for all armed ethnic groups were presented at the Myitkyina Conference and TNLA rejected the proposal approximately a week later. TNLA demanded the government to reduce attacks as a first step to begin building trust for the ceasefire. However, despite the TNLA’s condition, the government has increased military action against TNLA in the past month.

This November, the government also launched military action against Kachin Independence Army (KIO) and Shan State Progress Party (SSPP) forces in Palaung territory.

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