PSLF Cancels November Ceasefire Talks with Gov’t



According to Lt-Col Tar Bone Kyaw, the general secretary of Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF), the November meeting between PSLF and government officials to discuss a bilateral ceasefire will be terminated due to continuing government attacks against the ethnic armed group’s forces in the Ta’ang area.

 “The government attacked our troops with heavy-fire three times in Kukai Township, twice in Namhsan Township, and once in Nanksan Township,” said Lt-Col Tar Bone Kyaw.

According to U Nyo Ohn Myint from the government’s peacemaking committee the Myanmar Peace Centre (MPC), both sides may still meet in November. “We are still negotiating a new meeting date, however the PSLF has yet to respond to our latest request,” he added.

U Nyo Ohn Myint claimed that from November 4 to 5, the government’s Union Peace-making Working Committee (UPWC) and ethnic armed groups including the PSLF met in Myitkyina of Kachin State, where both sides agreed to sign a state level ceasefire.

However, Lt-Col Tar Bone Kyaw denied U Nyo Ohn Myint’s statement, saying the meeting in Myitkyina was a simple exchange that did not result in an agreement by the PSLF to sign a ceasefire.

According to Lt-Col Tar Bone Kyaw, unofficial ceasefire talks have taken place in Chiang Mai, Muse Township in Shan State, and Shwe Lin in China since November 2012.

Since October 2012, twelve battles have broken out between government forces and the PSLF’s military branch the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) 

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