Myanmar’s parliament to discuss electricity fees issue in urgent- after 3 DAYS PROTEST






NAY PYI TAW—Myanmar’s parliament will discuss whether or not to reduce the recently increased electricity fees, citing public urgency.

Parliamentary Speaker Thura Shwe Mann invited MPs to submit proposals concerning the issue during the parliamentary session yesterday.  He said that separate proposals on the issue could be submitted to parliament on condition that they call for the fees to be reduced. Today, MPs’ discussions about the increased fees are not concerned with the matter of how the Ministry of Energy will spend a US$ 60 million (Ks 58.39 billion) loan.


MP Aye Mouk (Ma Hlaing), who will submit the urgent proposal to parliament, said he is acting on behalf of all concerned citizens.

“I will submit the proposal as the public outcry is getting louder about the issue. We will discuss whether or not to reduce the recently increased electricity fees,” said Aye Mouk. “For example, we will discuss wither to change the number of units to 200 from the current 100, as a unit of electricity costs Ks 35 (US$ 0.03), up to 100 units, and whether to change the system according to international standards. Internationally, electricity costs differ according to types of business, costing more for luxury services and less for SMEs. And we will discuss setting an average rate for every region and state.”

MP Ye Tun, said that the fees can be a burden for people if they are higher than they should be, and the local manufacturing sector could even be halted as a result.

Public protests demanding fee reductions began on Wednesday in Yangon.

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