Ex-PM Thaksin claims anti-amnesty principle twisted

BANGKOK, Nov 6 – Ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra today deplored “distorted allegations” against him and labelled as groundless an accusation that he was attempting to reclaim his seized assets and whitewash himself.
In a statement issued by his legal adviser Noppadol Pattama, Mr Thaksin said there has been a move to distort the principle of the amnesty bill to create a misunderstanding that it was aimed at whitewashing him alone.
In fact, the principle of the bill is to resolve conflicts in the country and return justice to victims of the 2006 coup d’etat, he said.
Stephff Tribal Art
Stephff Tribal Art
He added, “In my capacity as former prime minister, I respect differences of opinions among Thai people but I cannot tolerate distorted and false attacks against my family and myself (that have occurred) in the last several years. My ultimate desire is to let Thai people have better lives, steady future while the country moves in tandem with global changes.
“It is sad to know that some groups of politicians still believe that false attacks against me would boost their political popularity – a tactic that has been rejected by the majority of Thai people as seen in every election in the last few decades.
“The 2006 coup openly breached the rule of law, tore down the people’s constitution, seized my power, led to people’s hostility against me, and slapped charges against me. Those actions were unfair to me and my family but I absorbed the pain so that the country could move on.
“As former prime minister, I realise that the country’s interest and people’s happiness are priorities. I look forward to reconciliation among Thai people, who should be kind to each other.
“Though residing overseas, I still love and feel concerned for the future of the new Thai generation. I strongly believe that their future and the future of Thailand would be stable when Thai people are treated fairly with the rule of law and genuine democracy. Decisions of the majority of people through elections must be respected and different organisations must exercise their powers within the constitutional framework.
“I offer my moral support and hope that we will reach that goal in the near future. I express my appreciation to your love and moral support extended to me through various channels. Let the love and moral support become strength for reconciliation, democracy and rule of law in Thailand.”  (MCOT online news)

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