BURMA ARMY DETAIN 18 people from Bangladesh in Rathidaung township



(Rathidaung, 29 October 2013): The Burma Army have detained at least 18 people from Bangladesh in Rathidaung township, 20 miles away from Arakan capital city Sittwe, while they were entering into the Burmese territory without valid documents by a machine boat, said a source in the authority.

A police officer from Long Chaung police station located near the spot said that the Burmese Army personnel detained 18 people from both Burma and Bangladesh on the last Sunday morning from nearby the Chaingkha Le village, located at southwestern part of  Rathedaung township.

“Some villagers from Chaingkha Le village informed an Army outpost stationed in the village about the group of people in a machine boat harbored on a bank near to their village creek. The security personnel quickly traced them with the help of local villagers,” informed the police officer.

A villager from Chaingkha Le village said that the Army had detained around 21 people, among them 12 were from Bangladesh and 9 from Maungdaw township of Burma, when they tried to enter the Burmese territory from Bangladesh by a machine boat.

Some of the passengers of the machine boat had however fled into the nearby jungle with fear of arrest by the Burmese authority. The security forces and local residents are still looking for those fleeing passengers.

The local source suspects that the machine boat was likely moving towards Malaysia with passengers from Burma and Bangladesh who would have tried to enter the country, but the bad weather had forced the boat-riders to enter into the Burmese territory for temporary solace.


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