Ex- General Thura Shwe Mann: Ready for investigation at any time


Ex-General Thura Shwe Mann who is also speaker of the Union Assembly said on 24 October that he welcome investigation to looking into any irregularities of his family’s businesses.

“At the time of State Peace and Development Council, everyone knew that what my position was. When my children are grown up, they have to do businesses for their living. As a citizen, they have rights to do business within the legal frame. When they said they are doing businesses, I was not a chairperson but I encouraged them to do businesses. But I said to them that the businesses must be within the legal frame. And furthermore, they must not take chances more than deserve as they are my children. I set these as standard. Now, they are in their businesses. I dare say that I never appointed them at businesses where military owned using my influence. Likewise, I never give them more than they deserve as a speaker of the Union Assembly. I order them to give income tax. I take full responsibility of my family’s businesses,” said Thura Shwe Mann.

shwe mannshwe-mann

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