Military is still studying the constitution to make a report to parliament, says MP



Myanmar’s military is still in the process of studying the constitution and has yet to submit its report to parliament, says a military MP.

MP Brigadier General Wai Lin was replying to a question about the military’s pending report on the constitution after a parliamentary session of the Lower House in Nay Pyi Taw on Tuesday.

He said the military would submit its report to parliament no later than November 15, and that it was too early to comment on details as they were still reviewing the constitution.

“Regarding the constitution, the committee is receiving suggestions from MPs, political parties, organisations and members of the public. Likewise, the military is also preparing a report. When we get suggestions from the military, we will send them to Union Parliament along with suggestions from others after November 15,” said Aye Mauk, secretary of the Constitutional Review Joint Committee of Union Parliament.

A total of 166 military MPs—110 from the Lower House and 56 from the Upper House—are to submit a report after studying and reviewing the constitution. The constitution, which was passed in 2008 under the military regime, can be amended with support from 75 percent of MPs from the Union Parliament, which is the combination of both Houses.

The military MPs also play a role in amending the constitution, as they make up 25 percent of the total parliamentary seats.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s party, the National League for Democracy, is now seeking public input in various states and regions, including Yangon, in order to amend or redraft the constitution.

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