MYANMAR President: Government to use all ways and means vested by the Constitution for restoring peace and stability, ensuring rule of law in Rakhine State

Nay Pyi Taw, 3 Oct

In meeting with ethnic Rakhine and ethnic Kaman townselders at Annawa Hall in Thandwe this morning, President U Thein Sein said he was there to observe regional development and rehabilitation undertakings as he was confident that peace and stability returned to Rakhine State and to lend a helping hand to the tasks by the Union government.

Some conflicts erupted due to a trivial argument that sparked riots later in Thandwe Township when he was in Sittway, MraukU, Kyauktaw and Maungtaw.

He added he was suspicious of the motives, commenting that whether problems synchronized with his visit to the state.

He continued that no winner in the more than 60-year-old armed conflicts in the country. It begot a great loss to the country. So, negotiations are in progress and all stakeholders are trying hard to resolve the conflict through political dialogue.

Violence with the attempts of turning the trivial argument and ordinary crime into racial and religious clashes are unacceptable.

As violence escalates the conflict, not an answer to resolve the problem, ways and means should be sought through the process of negotiations.

Ethnic Rakhine and ethnic Kaman have been living here in peaceful coexistence for many years.

External motives instigated violence and conflicts. According to the evidence in hand, rioters who set fire to the villages are outsiders. Participation of all is needed to expose and arrest those who got involved in the incident and those instigating the conflict behind the scene. Only then can root cause of the problem be addressed. The government  will use all ways and means vested by the Constitution for restoring peace and stability and ensuring the rule of law in Rakhine  State. Action will be taken in accord with the law, without discrimination on the grounds of race and religion. Situation in which the people on both sides are fearing for their safety and worrying about unrest is unacceptable. Conflicts retarded the economic development of Rakhine State.

As capital and other resources for regional development tasks went to rehabilitation works, a great loss happened to the region. The recent conflicts tarnished the image of the nation and its people when Myanmar has earned international recognition for its sweeping reforms. There is no development without peace and stability.

The President called on townselders to teach the youth not to be deceived by instigators and to take necessary measures for avoiding recurrence of conflicts.

The President called on local people to take part in the task of ensuring peace and stability and rule of law as plans will be formulated by the government for the development of hotels and tourism sector in Thandwe including Ngapali, a well known beach in the world.

Next, the President met with hoteliers in Thandwe. At the meeting, Union Minister for Hotels and Tourism U Htay Aung reported on tourist arrival in Myanmar and plans to build Thandwe Hotel Zone and to carry out beautifying tasksfor Ngapali.

Then, the President explained the government’s plan for the development of Ngapali beach in cooperation with entrepreneurs and local people and cordially greeted the hoteliers.

The President and party left Thandwe for Nay Pyi Taw by special flight.


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