MYANMAR: Burmese government soldiers kill a civilian and rape a 29-year-old mother



A 62-year-old local Chinese man was killed by Burmese army’s 241st Light Infantry Regiment (LIR) soldiers on the way between Mai Hpang village and Mungpaw in northern Shan State on Sept 25 at 8:30 pm. Kyan Shauk Wan, a native of Mai Hpang village, was on his way to sell bamboo shoots at Mungpaw market when he encountered government soldiers. Kyan Shauk Wan was shot as he tried to run away from government soldiers.

In northern Kachin State, Burmese army’s 137th LIR soldiers raped a 29-year-old mother of an infant baby at Nhka Ga village in Machanbaw. Local sources reported in the last week of August that Burmese army’s 66th Light Infantry Division (LID) soldiers arrested several Nhka Ga village women and gang raped them at a nearby forest. Nhka Ga villagers are still hard to be reached as Burmese government soldiers built a fence around the village and they are currently unable to go outside their own village.

A local source says a group of local ministers and representatives from Kachin Baptist Church (KBC) have been permitted by Burmese army’s local Battalion commander on Thursday to visit Nhka Ga village for one night. Local ministers and KBC have made several requests to local commanders for access to Nhka Ga village since early September. This will be the first trip by outsiders to Nhka Ga village after a series of battles fought between KIA’s 7th Battalion and Burmese army’s 7th Battalion in the last week of August.

Nhka Ga villagers are in dire need of help as their homes were ransacked and livestock looted by Burmese government soldiers. Pastor Ram Mai, a local Baptist minister who was severely beaten and tortured by government soldiers, is still deprived of required medical treatment.

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