MYANMAR Government military raided on the natives’ properties across Shan State

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Friday, 20 September 2013 14:47
On 16.09.2013 morning, Burmese soldiers from Meung Gyi township encountered (6) young guys on the way or marching to Wan Zun Men village and arrested them to guide the ways then released back.Before released these guys, Burmese soldiers threateningly ordered them not to tell anyone that they had beenarrested for awhile and what if these guys don’t exactly what they said: they could follow and killed them right there.On 17.9.2013 morning at 11 am,these Burmese soliders which from Meung Kyi and KIA Armed Force were fighting

at the exist of Wan Zun Men village, Meung Gyi township. The fighting was last for an hour. But still don’t how

many loss of two sides.


 photo credit jade1239935_448246595290672_1319249298_n


Tuesday, 24 September 2013 13:56

On 28.08.2013 Loi Lam Brigade led by Captain Win Htun forcibly demanded bamboo and woods from villagers at Wan Ho Tien, Taung Nao area, Loi Lam township. In the beginning , they just demanded three bamboo, but when it came in actuality they took ten bamboo in amount and more woods. They came to demand the villagers again on 09.09.2013.On 01.09.2013, Brigade 249 led by Saw Latt Naung and 24 of his fellows forcefully abducted two villagers to guide them to the forest – Sai Ban Tha Wa and Sai Zarm Hla who are the sons of Loon Gaw (Father), Pa Shwe (Mother) and Loon Saw (Father), Pa Naung Yuang (Mother) from Wan Pang Wa village, Park Sang area, Mueng Geung township. Trucks and cars were asked by Burmese that had taken a base at Don Lao area, whethere they saw Shan soldiers or not on they way they were driving .Dong Lao natives were forced to wear Burmeses’ military uniform to take the pictures of the temple of Wan Harm Ngai’s village, Wang Mueng village and Ban New village on 07.09.2013.Burmese Brigade 292 led by Kyaw Kyaw Lwin and 15 soldiers demanded horses and men for labours who were:

(1) Loon Maung Htun 45 years old and together with his horse from Wan Pung Zouk village,

(2) Loon Wa 35 years old and his horse from Wan Mai Sak , had guided Burmese to Wan Nar Hee without getting paid for horses and wages .

And Brigade 296 led by Major Ye Htut with 70 soldiers demanded Wan Naung Sen villagers’ money which are 100,000 in amount, 2 buckets of rice which cost 10,000 kyats. And also demanded at Wan Kyauk Teng, Nee Lart area with the same previous cost and amount .

On 10.9.2013, Brigade 325 led by Aung Khin Oo and 30 soldiers asked for beans in the farm of Sai Htun Lee at Wan Lock Zouk.

On 12.09.2013, Brigade508 which is active in Meung Paing with 15 soldiers in numbers forciably asked for money from Mai Dee village, Wan Hai Kai, Par Kee area, Ho Pong township.

(1) Loon Khin age (45) from Wan Nar Lung, Meung Paing township lost his sawmill which cost 200,000 kyats,

(2) Loon Saw age (46) from Wein Mai village,Meung Paing township have lost his sawmill which cost 200,000 kyats,

(3) Loon Hla Phae age (46) live in Wein Mai, Taunggyi have lost his sawmill and also Loon Saw age(42) from Wan Narr Lung , Meung Paing township; Ko Kyaw age (48) from Taunggyi : they all have lost their sawmill which cost in the same amount like the previous villagers .


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