KNU-Karen National Union Information Release

knu flag

KNU-HQ Press Release  _26--9-2013_

September 26, 2013

1.    A9-man delegation led by president of the Karen National Union (KNU), Gen. SawMutu Say Poe, will leave from the KNU Supreme Headquarters, on September 26,2013, for meeting with Myanmar government leaders as well as Tatmadaw leaders.

2.    Thedelegation will discuss mainly about the future political dialogue in store.

3.    TheKNU would like to inform that it will endeavor for the establishment of a genuinepeace through dialogue.

Contact Point:       (1)Padoh Gwe Htoo Win – 081 807 6279

(2)Padoh Mahn Mahn      – 0879438750


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