rice ration TBBC

TBC is making a transition to providing assistance based on household need. Rations are not being reduced for any

children under 18 years of age.

Households will be categorised by community committees as ‘Most Vulnerable,’ ‘Vulnerable,’ ‘Standard,’ and ‘Self

Reliant’. Households categorised as ‘Most Vulnerable’ will receive an increase in rations, ‘Vulnerable’ households will

maintain their current level of assistance, ‘Standard’ will see a change in the rice provided for adults, and ‘Self

Reliant’ households will no longer receive food assistance for adults over 18 years old. Again, there will be no

reductions in rations for any children under 18 years of age, including in ‘Self Reliant’ households.

Currently, the Standard Ration of rice is 12 kg per month for adults.* The Standard Ration is being changed to 8, 10,

or 12 kg, depending on camp vulnerability/need. Residents also receive yellow split peas, vegetable oil, vitamin and

mineral-fortified flour, fishpaste**, iodized salt, and charcoal, none of which are affected by these changes.

No reductions in rations are being made in the camp at Ban Mae Surin, which was devastated by a fire in March of

this year. There are also no changes being made in the camp at Ban Don Yang.

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