President Thein Sein receives ’88’ student leaders in his farm house




photo credit 88 generation group

Myanmar’s President Thein Sein met 88 Generation Peace and Open Society Group on Saturday in his farm house in Nay Pyi Taw.

One member of the 88 Group, formed with former student leaders of the 1988 Pro-democracy Movement, said the meeting focused on the ongoing issues in Myanmar.

“The president and his ministers explained the ongoing issues related to workers, farmers and religious and racial affairs. Our side discussed what we had known about those issues. We also discussed the facts we had known about the country’s peace process,” said Min Zeya from the group, who attended the meeting.

“The president said he would direct the government and regional authorities to have more contacts and cooperation with the 88 Group in its activities,” he added.

The meeting that lasted from 10a.m to 1p.m was reportedly arranged by the Myanmar Peace Center (MPC).

During the meeting, the president was accompanied by Presidential Office ministers, the immigration and population minister and the livestock, fishery and rural development minister.

The 88 Group comprised 10 representatives, including Min Ko Naing and Ko Ko Gyi.

The president’s farm house, the venue of the meeting, became more famous after a meeting between Thein Sein and members of the interim Press Council earlier this month. The president donated 50 million kyats (about US$50000) to the council, attracting public criticism against the acceptance of the donation.

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