URGENT READ!!! UNFC is at a loss to understand why EBO wants everyone to respect and protect the2008 Constitution,


The UNFC is at a loss to understand why EBO wants everyone to respect and protect the2008 Constitution, which was fraudulently drafted and adopted by the previous military dictatorship.It is designed to perpetuate the military, or rather the racists’ hold on power. Some constitutionalexperts view Burma’s problem as a constitutional crisis and rightly so. All three Constitutions of thecountry favor racists and chauvinists to monopolize political power, resulting in political, social andeconomic instability and the civil war, since the time of independence in 1948

Burma Ethnic Politics Watch Network (BEPWN)

In building a genuine democratic system in Burma, some politicians among thoserepresenting ethnic political parties or organizations are found to be self-sacrificing whilesome are seeking self-interests. In order to let pro-democracy activists and people both insideand abroad aware of their deeds and stands, we are now naming them and publishing their  political standpoint.
The self-seeking politicians are as follows:
1. Harn Yawnghwe (Shan) member of Board of Directors of Euro-Burma
One of the executive directors of Brussels-based Euro-Burma in Belgium, Harn Yawnghwehas long been out of touch with Burma’s politics. Since he is neither knowledgeable of Burma’s domestic politics nor familiar with military dictators’ nature and is in need of moneyfor his survival, he has been asking for funds from EU member states on various pretexts andis getting assistance from those states which have faith upon the Euro-Burma Board of Directors, one of his close associates informed us together with photo and documentevidences. Some political parties which have applied for registration disclosed that he hasembezzled funds donated for humanitarian assistance by providing party registration fees atthe Elections Commission office for those ethnic groups which favor running for 2010elections and is also going to help pay election candidate fees of Kyat 500,000.We are worried for Harn Yawnghwe’s action leading to differences and misunderstanding between domestic pro-democracy forces and EU member states. Besides, rifts could alsocome up among internal ethnic groups. Hence on account of being an accomplice to perpetuation of SPDC military tyranny and helping with SPDC acquiring internationallegitimacy, the BEPWN strongly denounces Harn Yawnghwe and put him on the Black List
The WGEC was formed in February 2012, and its administrative operations are supported by the Brussels-based Euro-Burma Office (EBO). Many of its members are also active in the United Nationalities Council Federation (UNFC) and the Ethnic Nationalities Council (ENC).

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