(Thandwe, 14 September 2013): Solo protester Ko Soe Wai, who received mentions in the media space with his unique demonstration against the security agency’s confiscation of farmlands owned by the common people,  was sentenced to nine month’s imprisonment for his solo protest.

The Thandwe township court in Arakan State pronounced the verdict on 9 September. Ko Soe Wai, who staged the solo protest three times against the Burmese Army, was convicted under the Act 18 with peaceful procession cases.

During the protest, he held a poster demanding the Army authority to return the confiscation farmlands to the peasant owners.

According to the family source, Ko Soe Wai  demonstrated three times in August and September, 2013. The third protest was staged on 2 September last.

For the first two solo protests, he was excused by the authority and released him on bail, but in his third attempt Ko Soe Wai was detained by the police.

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