In Bangladesh, UNHCR helps first ethnic Rakhine refugee family to return to Myanmar

DHAKA, Bangladesh, September 9 (UNHCR) – As a journalist, Kyaw Zin Moe makes the news every day. But now he is in the spotlight for a different reason: Kyaw, his wife and baby have become the first Myanmar refugee family to be assisted home by UNHCR in Bangladesh.


Encouraged by positive developments in Myanmar in recent years, some refugee families have already returned on their own from neighbouring Bangladesh. Kyaw is the first to request UNHCR support for his journey. He is clearly excited about what is going on in his home country.

“Myanmar is establishing democracy,” said the ethnic Rakhine refugee, aged 34. “Things will not change overnight. We shall all go back to make the changes happen.”

On Friday, his family left Dhaka, flew to Bangkok and on to the Myanmar capital, Yangon, from where they took a bus back to their village in Myan Aung, west of Yangon. The return marks the end of a long journey for them.

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