Myanmar Embassy issuing Citizen Identity Cards to help expatriates return from Malaysia

credit phophtawnews


In light of recent initiatives by the Malaysian government to expel undocumented workers and illegal persons, the Myanmar Embassy is now issuing identity cards to Myanmar citizens with valid documentation to ensure their arrival back in their home country.

 “Even if they are undocumented or illegal, if they can provide a Myanmar ID card, a family household form and a recommendation letter from the administration of where they are originally from, they qualify for a Citizen Identity card,” said U Soe Win, an official of the Myanmar Embassy in Malaysia who delegates workers affairs. “After this they will provide fingerprints, pay a fine to the Malaysian immigration office, and get a special pass which allows them to return to Myanmar by flight.”

Fines for an expired visa in Malaysia start at 30 Ringgit per day and cap off at 1,000 Ringgit, up to 6 months. Between 6 months and 3 years, the fine doubles to 2,000 Ringgit. In each case a special pass fee of 100 Ringgit is also charged.

Myanmar-based organizations are now coming together to assist Myanmar citizens along their return from Malaysia. On June 24, Abbot U Nanissara’s Thi Ta Gu Foundation contributed $103,340 USD to cover expenses for those who could not afford to pay immigration fines.

Others, such as the Ayarwaddy Foundation, Premier Coffee Mix and religious organization Ka Pone, donated a total of 2,500 flight tickets for Myanmar citizens unable to cover return travel expenses.

According to U Soe Win, these donations have yet to be exhausted.

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