Officials of Islamic school and neighbours under investigation for alleged arson in Yangon

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The Islamic scho0l where the incident took place (Photo - Aung Ye Ko/EMG)
The Islamic scho0l where the incident took place (Photo – Aung Ye Ko/EMG)

Police are investigating the officials from an Islamic school and neighbours for an alleged arson that broke out in Thingangyun Township, Yangon Region on September 4.

The incident started about at 2 am yesterday. Three people attempted three burning sticks applied with engine oil being thrown to the thatch roofed Islam religious school. It took about three minutes, according to earlier investigation of the police.

“As soon as we had known the incident, we rushed to the scene. As we managed to control the situation, nothing further happened. We will continue investigating the neighbours,” said the Police Captain of Thingangyun Township.

The religious school is situated on Yuwa Street in No 2 Ward in Thingangyun Township and its has got two teaching halls. There are 270 students and 34 teachers.

The deputy schoolhead said that they replied to the questions of the police as to the fire incident. The repair permit for the school was submitted to the concerned authorities to replace the thatch roof with the galvanized iron sheet in 1995, but in vain.

“At the moment, schoolhead Khin Aung and two teachers from the religious school as well as five neighbours are being launching investigation by the police, the officials of Township Fire Services Department and the township administrator,” said the Police Captain.

The religious school has started giving lecture since 1980 and most of the residents living in its neighbourhood are Islamists, said the locals.

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