Follow the Myanmar-American expedition to its first ascent of the summit of Gamlang Razi (5850 m).

Next stage–to Masingam Camp (7000 ft).

 Masingam Camp (7000 ft).
Masingam Camp (7000 ft).


A joint Myanmar-American expedition is attempting the first ascent of Gamlang Razi in the Myanmar Himalaya. Current digital analysis puts this peak at 5850m (19,192 ft), and Hkakabo Razi, previously thought to be the highest peak, at 5758m. The expedition will attempt to confirm that Gamlang Razi is indeed the highest peak in Myanmar. This will be only the second foreign climbing expedition to the high peaks of Myanmar since Frank Kingdon Ward. Takashi Ozaki visited the area in 1996, successfully summiting Hkakabo Razi with Local villager, Nyima Gyaltsen (AKA “Aung Tse”).

The summit team includes four Americans and two Burmese, Americans Andy Tyson (expedition leader), Molly Tyson, Chris Nance, and Mark Fisher; and Burmese Win Ko Ko, and Pyae Phyo Aung. The Myanmar climbers are part of the Technical Climbing Club of Myanmar (TCCM). Others in the party include San Win Kyaw, Thet Tun, Zayar Tun and Eric Daft. We hope that the expedition will increase our knowledge of the region and enhance sustainable development; build the capacity of Myanmar mountaineers; and build friendship between our two countries.

The expedition is sponsored by Htoo Foundation and Phonyin Tours, with significant donations of equipment and other resources from Black Diamond, Goal0, Jupiter Systems, Kate’s, Mad Rock, Mammut, MSR, Nemo, Osprey, Patagonia, Probar, Salewa, Seek Outside, and Sony.

Follow the expedition on Twitter @GamlangRazi.

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