Rakhine town beefs up security following alleged bomb threat

Security has been tightened in Myeik as there has been a widespread rumour that three terrorists might have penetrated the area, said local sources.

The alleged terrorists are two naturalized Thais and a naturalized Indonesian. They entered Myeik by water through Kawthoung-Boatpyin, southern part of Myanmar, it was learnt.

The authorities have beefed up security in the town and are now inspecting houses for visitors’ lists at every house in the town.

Security has been beefed up in Myeik because of the terrorist alert. Local authorities are inspecting houses whether visitors are staying or not in the town. The alleged terrorists entered the town by water. The ward administrators were called for that by the district administrator.

Descriptions of the alleged terrorists have been given to ward administrators and those who will be on duty have to monitor the situation, said a police from Myeik.

One of the alleged terrorists lived in Myeik 12 years ago and another was not known. These two are naturalized Thais. The last one was said to be from Rakhine State and he is a naturalized Indonesian, said an official from the ward governing body, who requested not to be named.

——Authorities have tightened security in a town of Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine following rumours about bomb attacks.

Security has reportedly been in place especially in and around religious buildings, hospitals and schools as of Friday.

Locals said police and army troops have been deployed in the villages of Buthidaung Township in Maungdaw district, warning the villagers to be on alert.

A police member said security was in place but the situation in the town was calm.

“Various rumours have emerged. As precautionary measures, we are tightening security at Buddhist buildings following reports that Islamist terrorists will carry out bomb attacks. At present, we have heavy rainfall and the situation in the town is stable,” said the policeman.

“We villagers are taking security measures together with security forces. Rumour has it that terrorists are here to commit bomb attacks. Now the army troops are in Buddhist monasteries and schools for security purposes,” said a local resident from Ward-3 of the Buthidaung town.

Authorities concerned issued a directive earlier this month, saying district and township level departments and offices to be on alert due to potential suicide bomb attacks in Maungdaw district.

Regarding the military’s sudden security measures in the Buddhist monasteries, a township police officer said this had happened as usual.

“Security is taking place as usual and there are no special events. Security in monasteries has previously been in place. But, the arrival of some army troops is aimed at strengthening security,” said the chief of Buthidaung Township Police Force on Saturday.

Police members tighten security in monastery on August 17 (Photo/EMG)
Police members tighten security in monastery on August 17 (Photo/EMG)

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