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Rule of Law and Stability Committee,criticizing weaknesses in the judiciary

August 13, 2013




A recent report by the Rule of Law and Stability Committee, led by opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, was delivered to parliament on Monday criticizing weaknesses in the judiciary and the public sector in implementing law and order.

The committee has investigated courts in various townships, districts and states across Myanmar and met with clients, witnesses, and officials. It also accepted complaints from the public and cooperated with national organisations to gather their findings.

The seven-page report submitted by the committee calls for independence between the state and the judiciary as an important step to establishing effective rule of law. The report also highlighted weaknesses in the law and the ineffectiveness of the police in effectively solving crimes.

While recent government reforms aim to relax restrictions, bad habits formed after half a century of military rule and corruption continue to persist at every level of administration. The report advises the authorities to abolish, amend, or draft new laws where they are outdated and obstruct law and order.

It also urges the authorities to work for peace so the public can live peacefully and securely under the protection of the law. Finally it also calls for parliament to form an independent anti-corruption team to help eliminate bribery and corruption in Myanmar’s public sector.

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