Government military activity spurs KNPP emergency commander conference




The Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) held an emergency commander’s conference from August 5 to 6 in response to a resurgence of government military activity near KNPP territories.

“The conference was held to review the conditions of our current ceasefire with the government and to put our troops on alert because of unusual military activity,” said KNPP chairman Able Twee.

According to Twee, the military has failed to fulfill certain elements of the bilateral ceasefire, including an agreement to withdraw its forces from KNPP areas. Additional red flags include reports from local citizens of government forces confiscating their land, and a particularly defiant move by Nyapyidaw of extending military training academies into KNPP territory.

“As government forces continually ignore these agreement points, it becomes necessary for us to make sure our troops have their guard up,” Mr. Twee continued.

Over a hundred KNPP military officers attended the conference.

The KNPP signed ceasefire agreements with government forces in 1995 and March 2012.

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