MON STATE GOVERNMENT planning to construct a deep seaport to connect Thailand, Laos, Vietnam,MYANMAR


Another Myanmar port mulled

Plans are afoot to build a big deepwater port at Kalargote in southern Myanmar’s Mon state. The local government is conducting a feasibility study on the port  that would handle bulk and container cargoes. Its strategic location would mean shippers from Thailand and Laos could conceivably use it too.  The news comes as plenty of other ports are on the drawing board in Myanmar with both India and China courting the up-and-coming nation while Thailand is pushing ahead with the Dawei megaport project


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Mon state government in southern Myanmar is planning to construct a deep seaport to connect Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar according to regional officials.
“If we can implement the project, it will be the western deep seaport of the east and west great business platform. The project can be extended to Thailand and Laos and reached to Darnam harbour, Vietnam. It will be 1,450 kilometres long,” said Toe Toe Aung, Municipal Affairs Minister for Mon State.

The deep seaport is Kalargote deep seaport located in Yay, Mon state. It will be 4.8 kilometres wide between the beach and coastline and aims to load between 40,000 and 50,000 tons of goods.
Industrial zones, local production industries, factories and hotel zones can expand if the project is implemented, the minister added.
The Mon government expects that the economy of the state will increase to 10 percent in the next five years due to new infrastructure projects. At present, the government is generating more electricity in the state and plans to new power stations between 2014 and 2016.

A joint venture of a Chinese company and Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) is taking ground survey to construct a five million tons oil refinery in Kalargote deep seaport project, according to Naing Lawi Aung, Minister for Electric Power and Industry of Mon State.

If the refinery is finished, Myanmar will import crude oil from Middle East to refine like Shwe natural gas project, the minister said.

“Although the deep sea port project is studied by many international companies, currently MEC and a Chinese company are conducting a ground test survey to construct an oil refinery,” the minister said.

Myanmar is implementing Dawei deep seaport project with Thailand and Kyauk Phyu deep seaport project with China.

The Kalargote deep seaport would be built between Mawlamyaing, the capital of Mon State and Yay. Myanmar also planned to construct Boke Pyin deep seaport project in Tanintaryi region.

The big international companies are not so interested in investment in Kalargote project though the plan is still underway.

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