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Dr Zarni Vs Rick Heizman

August 5, 2013
My response to Dr.Zarni’s pathetic attempt to vilify, accuse, and lie – which is his standard way – in a couple of recent Facebook posting.Maung Zarni wrote:
I knew Rick Heizman from 1990s onward. One hell of an anti-Muslim American racist from the San Francisco Bay Area. The Burmese exiles and expats loath him, according to my close friends there.
I respond:
I met him once, maybe twice – he certainly doesn’t ‘know me’, and I’ve paid very little attention to him because of his vitriol and his useless writing. He was and is insignificant. I laughed when I read that the Burmese in San Francisco Area and throughout the US loath me – I am know far and wide in the Burmese communities and thanked by so many, every time I attend a function, I received many awards and recognition from the Burmese groups, my wife (Burmese) and I are invited and sponsored to perform at Burmese events throughout the US, I’m on boards and committees, and I’m known and respected by the many monks that I know throughout the US. It is Dr. Zarni who is loathed, hated, and despised by the Burmese – and almost anyone knows that. And he mentioned ‘according to his close friends’ but he is known to have so few if any burmese friends.

rick heizman

rick heizman

Zarni wrote:
He is now spreading his hatred of Islam to Burma proposing the most pathetic idea of population swaps (Bangladeshi-born Rakhines and the Rohingyas of Myanmar).
I respond: critique, culpability, and pointing out responsibility does not equal hatred – except to many Muslims and their supporters such as Dr Zarni – are trying to eliminate critique and examination of Islam, and even make it illegal and punishable to do so.
Zarni says, ‘pathetic idea of population swaps’ , but reality is that it already is in progress. There are groups of Bangladeshi Buddhists arriving weekly to the Burmese border of Rakhine State and Bangladesh, and these refugees are fleeing terrible violence and harassment and they are accepted and taken into Arakan and welcomed – and it is extremely clear that these people will not be any trouble at all – they share the same language, customs, Buddhism.
And, there are many many Bengali Muslims who try to get into Bangladesh, and either succeed or are turned around and rejected by the Bangladesh Military even though they share the same language, food, customs and religion.
The population exchange idea that we put out is NOT a forced exchange, but will be successful because there will be incentives – such as ample money for each and every family or individual.
There may be people who have good reason to stay – and the plan will allow for that.
Imagine – Rakhine State -a beautiful and historic land, no village burnings, no brutal killings of monks, women and others.
similar – Bangladesh.
Zarni wrote: Scary, no?
I respond: What’s wrong with people living in harmony and with fear-free future? What’s wrong with Zarni?

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  1. August 6, 2013 2:49 am

    Dear Rick,
    Zarni is the dirtiest black sheep of us, a louse bred out of his own flesh and betrayer of Motherland, but everyone of us much aware of that and no one wants to identify with him. Please find his very famous proof of Doctoral Dissertation in the Net and read such a junior high school student’s report! Your irresponsible American Universities have had bred a handful of such doctors who could write dissertations and finish doctoral study in two years while bright and ingenious American and other students struggle for 4 years or more to get the degree. In fact, he is a crook!
    I’ve been thinking for a few months about this swapping idea, even before Chittagong Rakhines moved to our country. I stayed quiet as I worried for the misunderstanding of my brothers, Rakhines. Besides, Chittagong was, in fact, the territory of former Rakhine Kingdom and that was the reason we can find many of us there. But, the territories changed when the main history events occurred. I don’t have any desire to stick with the idea of that belong to us kind of sentimental thing. I think that idea of swapping the problematic elements of the society or resettlement among the relatives is a good and plausible idea.
    I, too, examine the Koranic verses extensively and believe it was written with hatred on other believers and thirst for blood and pervert desire for women. Forget about Zarni is my advice; he doesn’t deserve our attention as he’s been a little frog in a narrow and deep rotten well that people abandoned ages ago.

    Best regards,
    6 August 2013

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