Min Thu Tha – Another New Mon State Party (NMSP) soldier has been abducted on Friday. IMNA has obtained information that the latest kidnapping was carried out by members of a pro-government village administrator led peoples’ militia based in Tennaserism Division.

Nai Ah Ra was kidnapped early in the morning while visiting his family in new Pyi Gyi Matain village in Boat Pyin Township. The soldier had just received leave from his Merguri District base. According to family, Nai Ah Ra has been taken to a government army base in Lay Nyar village.

“I do not understand why they are arresting my men,” said Captain Tha Maw Chan, commanding officer for Mergui District, “we already submitted complaints about this case to the government but still waiting for their reply.”

Nai Talanye, a NMSP executive committee member, told IMNA that despite going through the appropriate government channels nothing has been done.

The violations included an attack by a column of government soldiers on a base that left 2 Mon soldiers dead and a civilian being taken hostage near Thuminkalan village in NMSP’s controlled territory on July 16. The civilian later escaped when the column torched 20 homes in the same village on July 22. The group is also believed to be behind a July 12 abduction of NMSP soldier Nai Krak Mon and his wife in the new Thuminkalan village (different from previously mentioned).


Frustrations at the government’s failure to abide to the ceasefire are growing. A protest is being organized by Mon youth at the Burmese embassy in Bangkok, according to protest organizer Layie Htaw.

“We will protest at 8 am on July 29 to oppose the government not keeping its promise. Karen youth that are living in Bangkok will also join the protest,” Layie Htaw said.

A statement from Mon civilians in Thailand denouncing the attacks and kidnappings has also been released in conjunction with the upcoming protest.


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