Myanmar’s venerable Buddhist monks issued a statement on Tuesday denouncing terrorism and all terrorist act.

In the statement, Sitagu International Buddhist Missionary said it was extremely shocked by the bombings by some terrorists at Bodh Gaya in India’s Bihar Province on July 7.

Such terrorist acts contradict the essence of Buddhist teaching ‘tolerance and non-violence’ as well as the teachings of the four major religions- Christian, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism, said the statement.

Those major religions themselves accept the teachings of Buddha as the truth for universal peace. So, Sitagu International Buddhist Missionary categorically denounces the Bodh Gaya bombings, which is also a sign of threatening world ancient cultural heritages.

In the statement, the venerable monks urged world religious leaders to seek a way to ensuring universal peace and stability while safeguarding the world religions and cultural heritages.

The Indian government was also urged to expose and take severe action against the bombers and to take steps to avoid further terrorist acts.

The Buddhist monks also called on all Buddhists across the world to keep calm and adhere to ‘the tolerance and non-violence.
Serial bomb blasts occurred near Mahabodhi temple in Bodh Gaya compound in Bihar, eastern of India on July 7 morning, injuring five including a Myanmar Buddhist monk.

The statement was signed by Myanmar’s famous Buddhist monks, including Sitagu Buddhist monk Ashin Nyanisara, Dr Ariya Dhamma from American Sitagu Buddhist Missionary.


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