Myanmar authorities have provided single houses to Rakhine refugees

credit emg 23.july 2013

Myanmar authorities have provided single houses to Rakhine refugees who are staying in rescue camps in Sittway, Rakhine State, starting from July 19, according to local sources.

Nearly 700 single houses, schools and clinics are being constructed on the Mindarchak embankment in western part of Sittway.

“Thanks for building of single houses by the government. We are very pleased to stay at the houses. But, the roads have not been constructed yet. Regularly, the water level reaches at the foot of stairway. We are feeling now like visiting Inlay Lake. Mainly, we are worried about our children’s health,” said Aye Aye Than.

The government built single houses worth of about 30 million kyats per house and low-quality houses are also on the assistance program, said local residents. Currently, there are 812 displaced Rakhine families and over 100,000 displaced Bengali families.

The apartments for Bengali refugees will be built soon.


there is no Therm of “rohingya” in our country

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