Taungup residents arrested in Muslim murder case


( Taungup, 18 July 2013): The Arakan police have arrested six residents of Taungup, a town located at southern part of Arakan with the suspicion of killing ten Muslim pilgrims last year in the town. The news of the arrest of six persons was confirmed by U Tin Thein Aung, a Taungup based politician.

“I come to know about the arrest of 6 persons on Thursday morning. But they were actually arrested by the midnight of Wednesday. I got the information as the arrested persons were brought to Thandwe prison in the morning,” said U Tin Thein Aung.

The arrested persons have been identified as U Thein Maung (alias Tun Naing), Ko Wing (alias Maung Pu), Pauk Sin (alias  Tun Myint), Ko Thein Shwe Maung, U Tun Kyaw and U Tun Win.

The Taungup based politician did not cite any concrete reason for the arrest but he assumed that they have been arrested by the authority for their suspected roles in sensational murdering of ten Muslims on 2 June 2012.

The incident of killing ten Muslim pilgrims in Taungup after they were dragged out from a bus by a furious  mob was an immediate after affect of the rape & murder episode of an Arakanese young woman by three Muslim goons that took place Rambre township of Taungup locality. The bus was on the way to mainland Burma from Thandwe and it happened while the bus was crossing the town.

Following the arrest of six residents, the security has been tightened in Taungup. Additional security forces have been deployed by the authority in many key places of the locality and the situation remains peaceful.

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