Burmese military trucks pass through Chinese territory



Local Kachin sources say 19 military trucks carrying about 200 Burmese army soldiers from 121st Light Infantry Regiment (hka-la-ya 121) headed for Mu Bum, a former KIA area seized by Burmese army in 1991, which is located near China-Burma border in Loije County on July 11 at 6 pm. The military convoy trucks passed through Loi Je and Loi Lung in China side of the border for about two and a half hour from 6 pm to 9:30 pm. A local source says those trucks carry about 9 tons of arms and ammunitions.

Chinese officials and police provided security for Burmese military trucks passing through Chinese territory to reinforce Burmese army post and deliver arms and ammunitions.

Local sources say Chinese authorities in the past allowed Burmese army to use Chinese territories in its military offensives against Kachin Independence Army. Chinese authorities allowed Burmese army jets flew 1 kilometer into China near border post no. 6 in Pangwa area when government’s air force pounded KIA position with fighter jets and helicopters on Jan 1, 2013. And on Dec 28, 2013, Burmese army’s fighter jets, believed to be China-made Hongdu JL-8, used Chinese airspace to attack on KIA frontline posts near Laja-yang.

Kachin villagers in Loi Lung said they strongly object Burmese military trucks passed through their area. Local villagers in both sides of the border said they have had to live in fear due to continued presence of Burmese army soldiers near their villages. The soldiers stationed at Mu Bum committed severe abuses and heinous crimes against local villagers in the past.

Lahpai Zau Lawn (age 53), Loi Lung villager and a Chinese citizen, was killed by Burmese Army soldiers stationed at Mu Bum on January 12, 2012. He was shot at least 6 times by Burmese Army soldiers when he came across them on his way back from family farm. Local sources reported that Chinese police asked local villagers to keep quiet regarding the death of Zau Lawn and pressured them to hide the body. Chinese police prevented local residents from taking pictures of Zau Lawn’s body and cellphone pictures were deleted.  Chinese authorities later cremated Zau Lawn’s body in order to hide evidence of the murder committed by Burmese army soldiers on January 14, 2012.

Another three villagers, Maru Dau Lum (age 31), Ze Dau (age 70), Sumlut Roi Ji (age 28) were taken by Burmese army soldiers stationed at Mu Bum while they were working on their maize fields on Oct 28, 2011. Dau Lum and Ze Dau later escaped but Dau Lum’s wife Sumlut Roi Ji, who was 8 months pregnant at that time, was captured by the soldiers and believed to be killed.

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