United Wa State Party (UWSP) have reached a five-point agreement


Myanmar’s government and the United Wa State Party (UWSP) have reached a five-point agreement, including an open and prompt action to discuss military affairs when the need arises. 

The agreement was made after the talks between the Union Peacemaking Work Committee and UWSP held at the Golden Triangle Command in Kengtung, Shan State on Friday.

Committee Vice-Chairman Thein Zaw said the discussion took place in a both brotherly and friendly manner.


“We discussed how we would approaches towards building lasting peace. We could resolve some difficulties. Problems can occur sometimes at a lower level. We held talks in a brotherly and friendly manner in order to prevent the problems from becoming worse,” Thein Zaw told the Daily Eleven.

All the problems with the southern Wa region also could be solved, he added.

agreement of uwsa 12 july
agreement of uwsa 12 july

“All things went well. There was misunderstanding until both sides met personally. When we met, the problems were not that serious,” Thein Zaw said.

Lieutenant General Aung Than Htut from the Defence Services Commander-in-Chief’s Office told the Daily Eleven that military tension was caused partly because the government army surrounded the Wa outposts in the southern Wa region after they had failed to retreat as commended.

“All the problems have been solved. We have lived and continue to live in unity. We are like brothers. There is no doubt, no hatred between us. Problems erupted because of misunderstanding at a lower level, said Lt-Gen Aung Than Htut.

Wa leaders [through their interpreter] say today’s discussion produced good results, but declined to comment further.

“The southern issue is now OK. Further negotiation will come as the next step. We will continue our talks,” said Aung Myint, the spokesman for UWSP.

Kaukkawt Ann, the foreign affairs officer-in-charge and a politburo member for UWSP has led the Wa delegation which included 19 high-ranking members.

New tensions arose between both sides [government and Wa troops] last May when a rubber plantation owned by UWSP in Tachileik District in southern region of the Shan State was occupied by the government troops.

Tension has mounted since then as government demanded that Wa troops retreated from a various pockets in the region and back to their main bases in the south Wa region.

“It’s very good to have the agreement reached before a shot is fired,” said Win Tun, a union minister who attended the meeting.

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