Yangon airport monitors visitors from Islamic countries



Authorities at Yangon International Airport are monitoring foreign visitors arriving from the Middle East and Islamic countries, according to immigration officials.

Security has been tightened in many Buddhist sites around the country following a series of bomb blasts on Sunday at Bodh Gaya in northern India, one of Buddhism’s holiest sites. Authorities fear similar incidents occurring in Myanmar where religious tensions between Buddhists and Muslims have resulted in numerous cases of violence around the country.

“With the ongoing incidents, we are closely monitoring inbound and outbound passengers, especially from the Islamic countries. For those who come here for business purposes, we question their contact business people or companies,” said Aung Thi Ha, assistant director of immigration at Yangon airport.

“We also check whether or not travelers hold authentic visas and passports. We have tightened security more than before,” he added.

A director-general from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said visa applicants needed to fill in detailed facts in addition to those included in their passports.

“Whoever comes from the Middle East or other countries without Myanmar embassies need to apply for visas in the nearest country with a Myanmar embassy. They have to fill in how long and where they will stay in Myanmar and why they are visiting,” said Director-General Tha Aung Nyunt.

The police have also beefed up security at the airport.


Ar Rahmah website founded by Jemaah Islamiah (JI) member Muhammad Jibril Abdul Rahman also uploaded 28 photos of Rohingyas undergoing military training in Rakhine state, billing it a “Ramadan gift” and hoping it would “encourage Muslims around the world to reignite jihad in Arakan”. Arakan is the former name of Rakhine state.They reportedly said that some 300 Rohingya-Bengali Muslims in Myanmar have been undergoing military training in Rakhine state to step up retaliatory attacks against Buddhists



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