Returnee trafficked Woman Complains for Being Trafficked to Police

A Woman Complains for Being Trafficked to Police
Posted on July 9, 2013 by web-administrator

A returnee trafficked woman has filed a complaint on 3 July at the police station of Eastern Dagon so as to take action against those who trafficked in her, according to the police station of Yangon Region.

This woman was trafficked to China in 2011 and she has complained to the police station after having returned to her house in Eastern Dagon township on 25 June 2013 .

Being lured into a job in Mandalay by her friend Ma Zarni Tun on 1 July 2011, she was taken to Shweli in China via Mandalay by Ma Zarni Tun, Ko Nyi and Ko Thu and was sold to a Chinese couple for 40,000 Yuan, said police sources.

After staying in the house of that Chinese couple for several days, she was again sold to a Chinese man named Magadah for 55,000 Yuan and she was forced to marry him.

She had had to live together Magadah for 2 years and 3 months and had a child with him.

Asking her Chinese husband for her return home, she came back, reached home on 25 June 2013, and then complained the police station.

The authorities concerned from the police station of Eastern Dagon township have had her complaint on file with the charge of section 24 of the law enacted for Prevention of Trafficking in Person and a police officer is investigating the complaint to arrest the three charged.

“A life sentence is not other punishments. In other cases, a life sentence is considered 20 years. A life sentence for trafficking in person means spending one’s time in jail to the death,” a lawyer said.

If one was judged guilty as charged with section 24 for prevention human trafficking, one may be punished with a minimum of ten years in prison or a life sentence to the death.


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