Parliament rejects president’s amendment of anti-corruption bill


Myanmar’s Parliament has rejected a proposal by President Thein Sein to delete a clause that requires members of a new anti-corruption commission to declare their assets.

The rejection of the president’s amendments to a new Anti-Corruption Law, under which the commission is to be established, was made during a parliamentary session held in Nay Pyi Taw on Monday.

President Thein Sein argued that the clause requiring members of the anti-corruption commission to submit a list of their personal property and wealth should be deleted as it went against Myanmar’s 2008 Constitution.

An official from Union Assembly’s Joint-Bill Committee however pointed out that the provision was already a requirement in the Union Government Law.


“The Union Government Law states that those appointed by the president for the formation of a commission with a parliamentary approval must send the lists of their assets to the president,” said the official.

According to the anti-corruption bill, 15 members must be selected by the president and the speakers of Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament to form the anti-corruption commission. The president then has to send the membership list to the Union Assembly for approval.

“It can therefore be deduced that commission members are appointed by the president with approval of parliament. The point that commission members must submit the lists of their assets and possessions to the president does not go against the constitution,” according to the official.

“Commission members, who will be vested with power to eliminate bribery and corruption, should demonstrate transparency in improving the country’s executive sector,” he added.

Parliament rejected the presidential remark amid public criticism that the cabinet members are accumulating more wealth and possessions compared with their salaries.

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