Ladakhis condemn the Bodh Gaya Blast

By Rinchen Angmo Chumikchan, Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leh: Condemning the bombings at Bodhgaya in Bihar, the people of Ladakh held a peaceful protest which was started from Chowkhang Vihara and ended at Pologround on 8th July. Leh remained closed from 11.00am to 4.00pm. They also submitted a memorandum to DC asking for speedy investigation and to handover the temple management to Buddhist community. Thousands of people participated in the rally including religious heads, Political Parties. They also demanded the Government of Bihar and the Government of India to ensure safety and security of the world heritage site in future so that no anti-social elements are allowed to carry out such cowardly act.

People took to the streets from morning to enforce the dawn-to-dusk bandh forcing shops and business establishments to close down.
The temple’s sanctum sanctorum and the Bodhi Tree, under which Lord Buddha have attained enlightenment, did not suffer any damage in the blasts.
All the speakers talk about the security lapses that led to the terror attack in the temple town and demanded the temple management to handover to Buddhist community.
President Rinchen Namgyal, Ladakh Buddhist Youth Association said, “Our old Buddhist heritage temple has been attacked in Bodh Gaya. But fortunately with the blessing of the Lord Buddha nothing has been damaged. And on 7th evening a candle march has also been held in Leh to protest against the attack. Today we want to send a message to the world that your anti social element will not work. We pray for the injured for speedy recovery.”
Vice president, LBA Tsewang Thinless said, ‘Buddhist believes in non violence and whosoever tries to attack will not conquer. Buddhist community has never tried to fight in the name of religion. It’s very sad that the temple management is not in the Buddhist hands and the attack is the result of that. We strongly demand the management of the temple to handover to Buddhist community. So that there will be no security lapses.’
President District Congress Committee, Tsering Samphel said, “Today the people all over the world have a lesson to learn from Ladakh whatever we did we did peacefully. We did not shout anti terrorist slogans and we protest peacefully. We pray that feeling of love and compassion will grow in those who are ignorant.’
Former MP Thupstan Chewang said, ‘The day was very unfortunate for all of us not only the Indian Buddhist but for the whole world where Buddhist resides. Even Dalai Lama said that this act is a work of few men. Though not much damaged has been done but this place is very sacred to the entire Buddhist. What is the reason behind the attack is very important for us to know therefore we want a speedy investigation.  There is an act known as Mahabodhi temple Management act in which the Chairman is Deputy Commissioner of Gaya district. And in that management people from different religion are members even Buddhist. Earlier also many agitation took place to hand over the management to Buddhist community but Intentionally Bihar govt. do not do any changes in the act till now . Still there is no change in the attitude of the govt. He further added, If India is a secular country, if there is no difference between religions then why only Buddhist temples are not in the hands of Buddhist community. No doubt this is a very important place for the entire Buddhist. It is very important for all the Ladakhis to ponder over it.’
All Ladakh Gonpa Association, President Konchok Namgyal said, ‘Earlier, for many years a monk known as Dharmapala also fight for the management to handover to Buddhist but later on he died and nobody did the follow up case. It’s high time we should think about it. We are peace loving people but we should think about this. There is a proverb, never wake up the sleeping tiger or else you will end up badly. Giving warning he said, ‘I will bring all the monks and we put Dharna if it is not solved. We want speedy investigation.’
President Anjuman moin-ul-islam, Sheikh Saif-u-din we strongly condemn the attack. We want a speedy investigation Goi should interfere in this matter. Ladakh is an example of communal harmony. Whenever some problem is there we both the communities worked together and solve the problem. With the blessing of Dalai Lama our communal harmony is exemplary and it will strengthen in the future and no miscreant can destroy that harmony. Warning has been given to govt about the attack but sadly no arrangement has been made. It is a big blot on the Bihar Government.
President, Anjuman-e-Imamia, Ashraf Ali Barchapa said, when we heard the news it was so sad for us.nad angry also because this kind of people are not following any religion. I strongly condemned the attack. For future they should ensure proper security. They are trying to create communal differences between the communities. Yes, the management of the temple should be in the hands of Buddhist. This is a heritage in the history.
CEC Rigzin Spalbar said, ‘The culprits should be arrested immediately. It was a scared place and Buddha got enlightened there. It was a place for spreading peace and harmony. It’s time to handover the management of the temple to Buddhist. And in the act it clearly states that the chairman should be of Hindu community which seems as a vested interested. There should be some changes in the act. And we hope for speedy investigation and arrest the culprits. Terrorism should be rooted out completely so that this kind of attacks. Today the word terrorism is so scary to talk about. All over the world the situation is so worse. We should stand and fight against terrorism.
His Eminence Kushok Toldan Rinpochay said, it’s a sacred place for us as our Buddha got enlightened at Bodhgaya. We pray there for the peace of all the sentient beings. And all our future Buddha will get enlightened at Bodhgaya. The attackers are trying to create communal differences between the communities. Everyone should support the demand about the management to handover to the Buddhist Community. We are there to support even we have to put Dharna in Delhi we are ready.
Dr Tondup Tsewang President Ladakh Buddhist Association said, ‘It’s a message to the world that even after this brutal act Ladakhis are so peaceful .Truth will prevail. He read out the memorandum to the people and submitted the memorandum to DC.
All the speakers condemned the bombings at Bodh Gaya and demanded the Government of Bihar and the Government of India to handover the Temple management to Buddhist to ensure safety and security of the world heritage site in future so that no anti-social elements are allowed to carry out such terror against humanity.

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