PADO MAHN MAHN: KNU (Karen National Union) will not meet the government again in July…



The KNU (Karen National Union) will not meet the government again in July if the government doesn’t follow the moral codes that have agreement from both sides, according to the KNU’s joint secretary, Padoh Mahn Mahn.

“If the agreement from the meeting of last June 15th will not be a good progressive, there is not much prospect that the meeting with the government,” he said.

The government’s peace making group and the KNU had agreement to meet off the record in July again when they discussed at the Peace Centre in Yangon in off the record meeting.

Padoh Mahn Mahn said it is important on ceasefire agreement not only the resettlement of the troops but also the moving of the government troops that they will have to discuss and specifying the date of meeting again depend on the effective of the agreement before.

“We have discussed the moral codes that both sides have to follow, but the government troops have still expanded their forces. The government built firmly their camps and they have based the camps closed to the KNU camps more than before,” he said.

This making the battles between the government and the KNU might break out anytime again that the government is seemed creating a battle. Furthermore, the government has still prepared the military operation instead of keep holding ceasefire agreement, said Padoh Mahn Mahn.

Like other ethnic nationalities, KNU have fought for equal right and self-determination for more than 60 years. They will not burden to confront the severe condition once again.

KNU wants to find a genuine peace solution with political dialogue than a war.

The government has ever changed their representative of peace making group whenever they want to deceive the ethnic groups. By doing so, the agreements got before automatically becoming not effective, and making both sides to talk again for peace process by off the record meeting. The KNU will not accept such situation created by the government.

In currently situation, the information was appeared that the minister U Aung Min, a representative of Peace Making group will resign and the emergency meeting for Security Council will hold and it seems appear the conflict between the parliament and the government that is the government’s new tactics to play again.

However the government and the KNU have met two times at State Level and Union Level in 2012 formally, there is still no improvement.

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