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Gang fight in a refugee camp in Pauktaw township,RAKHINE STATE

July 1, 2013





A man was killed by security forces gunfire amid an attempt to stop a gang fight in a refugee camp in Pauktaw township, Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine on Thursday, according to the news release of the state government.

The news stated that the fight broke out at noon after a row between a lead worker named Larlu and some Bengalis from Kyeinnipyin camp of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) over labour charges.

As the situation worsened, security forces fired guns to disperse the group, accidentally killing a Bengali man.
Larlu is the leader of a group of workers building temporary tents in Kyeinnipyin village, where the local Kisspa Maha Construction Company is contracted by UNHCR to construct buildings for the IDPs.

Two ministers of the Rakhine state government and UNHCR officials visited the scene, and township administrative officials are investigating the incident.

The government information subcommittee member, Myo Thant, said: “Larlu, who is the in-charge of the camp, recruited 35 Bengalis as asked by the company to build tents. Some Bengali leaders here were supposed to have dissuaded the refugees from participating in tent building. Many however wanted to work for their living. Those who were not hired became angry with Larlu, thereby growing into a fight. The security forces tried to defend Larlu and the 35 workers.”

“A group of Bengalis carrying sticks and swords chased after a worker while going to collect bamboo. They then stoned him. The group also included women and children. The security forces had to unavoidably fire guns to disperse the mob while defending the workers and themselves. A Bengali died and the body will be sent to the township for an autopsy,” he said.

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