Myanmar to update 1988 Organizations Law

credit emg

Myanmar would update the 1988 Law relating to Forming of Organizations to streamline the registration formalities of organizations, according to the Director General of General Administration Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Director General Min Shwe said on June 13 that necessary amendments to the law have been submitted to the Parliament. The amendments will allow politicians and government officials to form or participate in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which was earlier banned by the law.

“In the past, there were delays in the registration process. Now, the amendments will make it possible to complete the registration formalities within 60 days. Restriction on the government staff and politicians to participate in NGOs will also be removed,” Min Shwe said.

This aims to encourage the emergence of more NGOs in the country, and they will be able to do the social development work more effectively and efficiently, the director general said.

“After the parliamentary discussion to approve the law, it will come out. While amending the law, Aung San Suu Kyi, chairperson of National League for Democracy, and Lower House Speaker Thura Shwe Mann made their contributions,” he said.

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