200 households were forced to leave Michaung Kan area


At least 200 households were forced to leave Michaung Kan area (1) and (2) in Thingangyun Township by the Military City Development Affairs Committee (MCDA) on June 13 as the households do not have the right of land ownership.

The evicted families are now living on the Pyitharyar Street in that township with temporary tents and young students are having a hard time to go to school daily.

“Children were not able to go to school for three days already because I am not able to make lunch boxes on time and note books were destroyed. Our belongings have been moved to another place and some were lost. If it keeps going this way, I have to stop sending my kids to school,” said Moet Moet who was evicted.

There are at least 106 students. They are not able to go to school because of the incident. The MCDA claimed those families were living in the land that is owned by the military. There are about 700 people from 200 evicted families.

“We are facing difficulties for living because it is rainy season and we are living in rain. The elders and children are the most suffering ones,” Ko Phoe Htoo who used to live in Michaung Kan area (1) and (2).

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