Yangon’s industrial zones :Exploitation and forced-labour

credit EMG 13.JUNE 2913

Officials have uncovered incidences of exploitation and forced-labour after recent inspections to factories in Yangon’s industrial zones, according to a labour rights commission.

The Commission for Observing Rights of Employees and Employers has been making field trips to Hlinethayar, Insein, South Dagon and Dagon Seikkan industrial zones since the beginning of May.

“Instances of exploitation and forced labor have been found,” said Dr. Myat Nyana Soe, a member of the commission told Eleven Media.

“Their basic pay is only 30,000 kyats (US$30) per month. If is combined with overtime charge, the maximum amount they get is 80,000 kyats (US$80). They are exploited because the basic salary is very low so they have to work overtime to cover their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter,” she said.

Sometimes employees are forced to work 12 to 16 hours round the clock. The commission also acknowledges that employers are also struggling because of the constant power shortages.

“Sometimes there are 24-hour shortages and they have to put that with the huge rental fees on industrial zone properties,” added Dr. Soe.

The Commission will gather its findings and submit them to Parliament for review.

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